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by BoxerKate

On May 8th, a new litter of beautiful brindle boxers made its appearance at my house. Although it's not the first time I've experienced this delight, things are different the second time around. This time, mama underwent a c-section, and as a result, she's decided that certain rights accrue to her that didn't apply with litter number one.

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Can I have another pillow for my head?

I hope that no one will take offense when I say that I consider my foundation bitch, Hedy, to be a charter member of the spoiled rotten bitch club. Clever and intuitive, she does things her own way -- where she wants and when she wants. Runs rings around her human ma, that's for sure.

I know she likes her pups, but it's become clear that she likes her freedom better. It seems that she's been taking what she apparently considers to be a well deserved vacation after having given birth for the second time. (How many of us get vacations of two year's duration, then work for a week, and decide it's time to take off again? At any rate, the whelping box doesn't catch her fancy as it once did.

Reclining on the carpet in front of the bay window, Hedy does a heck of an impression of a bathing beauty at spring break; her figure's absolutely wonderful -- back in shape already, with her waist

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My figure is back!

restored, she resembles your average college girl catchin' the rays on an expanse of pink sand. No wonder she prefers this activity to the call of duty. Would you choose boot camp over Camp Daytona Beach? Heck, no. And as I said, she's a bright, inventive girl who knows how to get what she wants.

This second "hands-on" litter has provided me all sorts of lessons previously unlearned. For example, if you put your index finger in a puppy's mouth, there exists in the interior such force of suction that it is not possible to remove said finger without consent of the puppy and, in fact, it is possible to dangle said puppy a foot above the whelping box as if it were a Christmas ornament.

Supplementing puppies forges a bond with the supplementer such that, when the feeding machine lifts the puppy out of its box, said puppy will immediately commence slurping and sucking noises in preparation for nipple insertion. Even if the feeder has no intention of nourishing at present, but wishes only to clean up newspapers or rearrange bedding, subject pups care not at all for the feeding machine's purpose. THEIR purpose is clear, and mine be damned.

A corollary to the above described event involves those times when the feeding machine actually DOES provide a nipple backed up with warm Esbilac and goat's milk. It came as a bolt of lightning to this feeder when she realized that not only could she mimic the mother's provision of edible material, but she could also copy its method of eventual disposal. One has but to tickle the subject pup somewhere near its hind end and VOILA! excretions of more than one kind appear, sometimes even in tandem! In fact, performing this function became requisite, as the actual mama seems to have abdicated clean up detail right along with her nursing duties. Hedy seems to be saying "If you're gonna fill the children up...don't forget to empty them!

Now... wonder what she thinks I should do with the empties?


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