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From: asboxers@sprynet.com (CJ Middlebrooks)

I have read the black and white and the BU editorial, and I have to tell you Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore Encore

That is the so down to earth truth! I am so happy you brought the subject out to the public. As an owner of a spay White girl, and a plain Boy that has taken 1st in his class but never winner, it really is a shame that plains are treated as 2 rate dogs. Both are loved the same in my house, but I really would like for it to be known through out the judging world that plains are just as great and should have their place in the breeding world.

Thank you,
CJ Middlebrooks
webmaster at www.boxergallery.com

Virginia and Pat:
Great stuff! As a novice and someone striving to do "the right thing" with the breed based on the experience of my mentors, the research available, my own common sense - I hope to see the breed gravitate back to the "all round" dog being the rule rather than the exception - the boxer that is not only beautiful but structurally sound and temperamentally healthy enough to compete in all aspects of showing - i.e. obedience and agility and do it well and be competitive against the border collies, labs, shelties, etc - my goals for this year are an Open A and possibly an agility title on my plain boy, a therapy certificate on my foundation bitch, and my first CH on my puppy bitch - all will compete in obedience sometime. One bitch is pointed, with many reserves and the puppy off to a roaring start in the conformation ring. I appreciate, forgive me, the "old timers" not only changing with the times but also being brave enough to speak out and give those of us new to all this, support in our ambitions and goals for the future of the breed. Thanks :-)

Wendy Adams
El Paso,Tx

From: Candisg
To: Vzboxers

I'm impressed! I would imagine that this decision was difficult to voice to such a large audience. I take this as a sign of change and find it very exciting. White issue aside, I would love to see more variety i.e., plain Boxers in the ring.

Go Girl! Good luck in your search!
Candis Gerulsky



I am enjoying your magazine very much, and am now a regular "subscriber". I'm particularly taken with the way you present differing viewpoints, rather than only the standard American (& Canadian) mainstream breeder/showperson bias.

Barb Jamieson with Meesha & Yoda
Alberta, Canada


Great article in the Boxer Underground. White puppies have been a source of controversy since the beginning of time (at least boxer time). When I bred my first litter with white puppies, I was not a member of ABC but the co-owner was. This person still destroys white puppies and, although I disagree with this, everyone has the right to their opinion.

I always questioned why we destroy white puppies as a means to "make the situation go away". Obviously it doesn't make it go away. Even as a novice breeder I could see that and I could not understand why the "old timers" could not see it. I have been lucky in the fact that I haven't had too many white puppies but some of this comes from the fact that I have bred either plain bitches or that much of my breeding has not been overly flashy.

I now have my Allie to breed and am planning to breed her next season, which should be late August or early September. She is plain by appearances (white toes, little white on chest, an almost invisible spot above her nose) and hopefully is genetically plain also.

Virginia's article regarding whites/plains, particularly plains in the ring was also good. I still think that we need to get to the point that plains can win as easily as flashy in the ring. This will give us a larger genetic pool and probably many less whites than are now being produced.

I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your article. Hopefully, many will pay attention.

Sandy Orr
Orrkid Boxers
Omaha, NE

To: Virginia Zurflieh
Subject: BU

Congratulations on yet another good Boxer Underground! I think it is a very good magazine! Do you know how many people read it (you probably have a page counter or something) and do they come from all over the world, or just the USA? I think you have managed to put together articles of interest to boxer-people at all levels - pet, breeders, show and so forth!

I have an idea for a story for a later issue; The Swedish Boxer club has a wonderful event every summer - the "Boxerläger" = boxercamp. It is a one week course in obedience and working disciplines for boxers at all levels - from puppies and beginners to those who compete at the highest levels in obedience, tracking, trailing and rapport (which I don't know what you would call). I would like to write a story from this event this summer (if I'm going - we are planning two litters this summer, and they will probably be 5-7 weeks at that time). Agneta Rainsson could write as well, she has been responsible for the event, she is and obedience instructor and has also participated. Leading up to this a brief description of our three working disciplines could be done - do you think this is of any interest to your readers???

Cecilie Strømstad/Henning Lund
Boxerhaven, Norway

  To: Vzboxers@AOL.COM

GREAT ISSUE-GREAT ISSUES.....Times are a changing, I hoped, as I cheered on Hi- Techs Keepsake as she won a 5 pt major at the ABC regional this past Fall. I think the Truesdales are intending to publicize this beautiful plain bitch...possibly she could make an appearance on BU. I'm relatively new to breeding and showing boxers and don't intend to have a family much larger than the four I now have. Of my two new addtions from a recent litter, one is plain and I kept her because I think "plain is beautiful" and also because as a breeder referral person for my Massachusetts boxer club I am aware of the proliferation of "rare white boxers" and the growing temptation among "reputable''. breeders to sell them. For those two reasons I kept and intend to show my "plain Madeline". There are several other breeders in my area...Quietly conducting their own "plain crusade" and with some success! I know of several recently finished bitches and two ''almost sure to finish" males. I'd be glad to provide specifics if you'd like. Perhaps UB could publish a running tally of "Plain Brags"...to inspire both judges and exhibitors.

Please pass along my compliments to your contributors, Audrey Schnell and Katherine Nevius, in particular. Thanks again for this publication!

Ellen Bradley


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Webmaster: Pat Mullen

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