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by Stephanie Abraham

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by his breeder, Toni Boorstein

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The Boxer  Top Ten List

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The Boxer Top 10 List

With apologies to a certain well-known "late night" talk show host:

Top 10 Reasons to Own a Boxer

1. Requires almost no grooming--just give your boxer an occasional bath, trim a few whiskers and toenails--and he's ready for polite society! Try to ignore all those charming little hairs that stick like the devil to your rugs and furniture.
2. LOVES small children--the noisier the better. Kids mean FUN to your average boxer, and he is tolerant in the extreme. He's also a great babysitter because kids will find him endlessly amusing--almost as captivating as the TV...
3. Housebreaks like lightning--very clean and easy to crate train.  Usually keeps himself relatively spotless--like your house cat (but don't dare compare the boxer to a CAT--your dog will be disgusted in the extreme).
4. Deters visits from fussbudget relatives who criticize your housekeeping and the way you raise your kids. Any self-respecting boxer knows just how to jump upon and knock over grumpy Aunt Martha--without even being told!
5. Manifests a striking appearance. In either color--fawn or brindle, flashy or not--the boxer can insinuate himself into any environment and invite admiring comments from discriminating passersby--he improves the decor of even the poshest establishment.
6. Considers himself far more intelligent than most canines. Learns in a flash, but insists on knowing WHY he should perform in a certain way. Continually outsmarts his owner in obedience trials.
7. Gives serious pause to unwelcome or hostile visitors--but can distinguish your average burglar from the neighbor or the neighbor's 10 year old. The poor UPS man, who may not know how discriminating the boxer's tastes really are, may never quite dare leave that package on the porch.
8. Twists his body into impossible pretzel shapes--quite the contortionist if he's REALLY really happy. May be David Copperfield's next assistant.
9. Loves his People in the extreme. Always joyous when you return, even after a 30 second walk to your mailbox. Loyalty is one of his strongest suits.
10. Delights in his toys from puppyhood to old age--happy to catch a frisbee even when elderly and gray; and when, inevitably, he must leave you, he will apologize for the parting with a playful gleam still in his eyes.

Stephanie Abraham, P.O. Box 346, Scotland, CT 06264

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