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Raineylane’s Havenrun Sweet Sioux

by Norman & Josette Crook

It was the head. From the very first time we saw that little plain fawn puppy in the X-pen, we thought she was cute. Of course, all puppies are cute, but it was her head that was so intriguing.

The lap dog.

We didn't need another Boxer. Four adults in our motor home was a crowd in itself. And, to be sure, we had just finished our Raineylane's Miss Kitty and we had plans to breed her at her next season.

But it was the head. And so Raineylane's Havenrun Sweet Sioux came to live with us at Havenrun.

The idea of a plain fawn show dog has in recent years been considered an oxymoron. Plain animals are considered "pets"...or at best good breeding stock, but to show? A waste of time and money.

Sioux winning the Puppy Group

At six months and ten days at Greenville, S.C., Sioux won her first points! Two bitches shy of a four point major under judge Norman Herbel. A month later, under breeder judge Peter Baynes, she was to be best of winners for two points and to complete the day by being awarded BEST PUPPY IN SHOW under Dr. Robert D. Smith!

It was a great litter bred by Jack and Bridget Brown at Raineylane. Their Ch. Raineylane's Mustang Sally bred to Ch. Raineylane's Jackson Browne produced Sioux, her brother, Raineylane's War Paint, her two sisters, Raineylane's Charismatic and Raineylane's Buckingham Nicks. All four are being shown, winning their classes, going reserve, getting points and generally impressing.

Gotta get that ball!!!

We are pleased that Sioux is developing as we would have expected from the moment we saw her. She is maturing with tight feet, clean topline and for a young puppy, very good movement. But it is her personality--her showmanship--that has caught the eye and hearts of spectators and judges both! (To say nothing of her very proud owners. :-)


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